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Say goodbye
to the boring drive

Meet Andy

and connect with other drivers who share your same interests.

Are you suffering from the monotony of commuting?

And neither the radio, spotify or podcasts help you overcome the boredom and loneliness of the ride?

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Meet Andy

The first 100% voice-commanded communication platform for drivers that want to liven up their ride without taking their eyes off the road.


Topic & answer forum

Andy uses the same simple concept as Twitter.

It allows users to create and reply to 20-second audio messages as if they were audible tweets.

Powered via machine learning

Messages are presented to drivers based on their interests.

Using neural networks, Andy analyzes users behavior to understand what topics they like.

Machine Learning
Voice calls

Interactive voice calls

Drivers are able to voice call people participating in the same conversation thread.

After a call, participants are invited to rate each other so they can build a reputation.

Fully voice commanded

Drivers can interact with Andy without looking at or touching the phone screen.

All actions can be performed by voice command, even hanging up or muting a call.

Voice commanded

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